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What are Integrated Labels?
Why use an Integrated Label?
Why so Many Different Labels?
Can the sheets be inkjet and laser printed?
Is your paper environmentally friendly?
Do you have recommendations for handling/storing your integrated labels?
What is the shelf life of the product?
How do I get the best out of my integrated labels?
What else are integrated labels known as?
Are the stock products available with labels in different positions?
Can the sheets be supplied with label(s) in different size(s) or position(s)?
Can the sheets be pre-printed with our corporate details?
I am looking for a different sized label than your stock integrated labels?
Can you supply Integrated Label Sheets made with Recycled Paper?
Are different adhesives available?
I stick my labels to recycled boxes, can I apply integrated labels to other products?


How can I easily find the product I use when reordering?
Do you provide samples of your products?
What payment methods do you accept?
How do I insert my VAT number at the checkout?
Is it possible to open a credit account?
I have an EU VAT registered business, do I have to pay VAT on my order?
Will you send me a VAT invoice?
Back Orders
Why do you need my mobile number?


How are the goods despatched?
Where do you deliver?
What are the shipping days to non-Benelux countries?
I need regular deliveries?
I am not in mainland Holland, how much will delivery cost?
Does your pallet service offer a tail-lift or handballing service?
Can you deliver to non-ground floors?
Can I specify where goods are left if there is no one in?
Why do you charge for delivery?
My labels haven’t arrived, what can I do?
What happens if I am not at home when the delivery arrives?
My order or part of my order was not shipped within the stated delivery time
What is the status of my order?


Can I return a product?


Is there a best way to feed the sheets into a laser printer?
Is there a way to prevent the sheets catching each other in the printer output tray?
When printing from Internet Explorer, the output does not line up perfectly. Is there anything I can do?


Are software templates available for the sheets?
Can you tell me what software or programs your labels are compatible with?


How do I know my personal information is handled safely?
Where can I find the general terms?

> Our Bestsellers

Appel Sticker
Sticker Size

Single Label


Versatile Address Label
  • 87 width x 57 height
  • 20mm from foot, 23mm from left

from €24.09

Per box (1,000)
Limoen Sticker
Limoen Sticker Size

Single Label


Large address Label
  • 190mm width x 90mm height with perforation
  • 10mm from foot, 10mm from left/right

from €33.89

Per box (1,000)
Fig Sticker
Fig Sticker Size

Double Label


Multi use form
  • 2 labels 85mm width x 54mm height, 8mm gap
  • 12mm from foot, 12mm from left/right

from €26.88

Per box (1.000)